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Aspire Starter Kits Now Available

We debated this one for a while, and finally pulled the trigger once we found kits that we thought our customer would love.  The two Aspire starter kits we decided to put on the site are two of the best starter kits on the market in our opinion.  The reasons are simple, they work really well and they come with everything you need to get going right away.  Both kits come with great long-lasting batteries and well constructed stainless steel tanks.  They also both come with 5-packs of additional coils, meaning you won't have to go shopping for new ones anytime soon.  We especially like the new Premium Kit, as it contains the Aspire Mini-Nautilus, which is regarded as one of the best tanks on the market by even the most experienced vapers.  If you came to our site for the liquid but don't have the gear, you'll definitely be happy with either of these:

Aspire Premium Kit

November 30, 2014 by Beju Lakhani
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