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Meet the NEW 60ml Collection!

Attention, vapers!

Your Moshi favourites are now available in 60ml bottles! We've officially released the first instalment of our 60ml e-liquid collection, featuring seven much-loved Moshi flavours: Dovercourt, High Park, Echo Beach, The Beaches, Leslieville, Ossington and Morningside. Major highlights include chubby gorilla bottle packaging, 50/50 VG/PG, and the choice of 0, 3, 6, and 12mg nicotine. 

Some of you may be wondering - why make the switch to 60ml? Simply put, we wanted to give you more Moshi to love. We want you to enjoy longer lasting juice, for better value. And let's be honest, premium e-liquid this delicious deserves an upgrade. 

Meet the stars of the 60ml collection:

Echo Beach

A juicy flash of melon with a note of mint that chills memorably on the exhale. Echo Beach's crisp rush leaves a lingering peppermint coolness on the tip of your tongue.

The Beaches

A surprising cooling sensation that hits the senses with a huge splash of juicy strawberry, blueberry, and pear. The Beaches is completely smooth on both the inhale and exhale. One of our most refreshing liquids.


A vanilla and caramel blend with both flavours sharing the spotlight. Dovercourt is an extremely tasty combo with a full mouthfeel and subtle, unexpected sweet notes on the exhale. Overtones of brown sugar permeate the tastebuds.

High Park

A smoothie of a vape, High Park is a combination of strawberry and banana. Each new hit somehow brings a stronger berry intensity, but the distinct banana undertones take over on the exhale and linger on the palate.


An orchard of flavour, Leslieville has the crispness of a fresh apple, the tangy smack of wild berries, and the juiciness of a ripe peach. The palate will pick up more flavours on each vape, perfect as an all-day selection.


Morningside is a delicious blend of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Notably smooth on the inhale, but leaves notes of pear on the exhale. This is one of our gentlest liquids. Perfect for any time of the day.


Maple syrup and fresh waffle are featured at the front of this vape with an exhale that feels like it's been powdered with cinnamon. This vape stays memorably on the palate for a little while after you've finished.

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