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Yorkville, Rosedale, Forest Hill Sampler - 3 x 10ml

$24.50 CAD

Brand Moshi

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This sampler includes flavours that are sure to appeal to those that like rich desserts with sweet and spicy flavours.  It includes one 10ml bottle each of:

Like a warm snickerdoodle cookie, a vape of Yorkville starts with a creamy, full-bodied intake and is complemented with strong cinnamon on the exhale. Subtle notes of vanilla and roasted almond wait to be discovered on the next inhale, allowing for a complex and engrossing vape.  

Forest Hill

Forest Hill is a seamless blend of straight forward tobacco and swirls of caramel. Features a welcoming throat hit with an exhale that will have you still licking your lips. This vape is an enjoyable mix of the traditional and the surprising.


A delicious milk chocolate aroma fills the mouth on the intake. Notes of hazelnut and creamy mocha linger on the taste buds well after the exhale. You'll be coming back to Rosedale more than once.


3 x 10ml Tinted Glass Bottle with Childproof Needlepoint Glass Pipette

50/50 PG to VG Ratio


1) Vegetable Glycerine - USP 99.5% Food Grade and Kosher/Halal Certified

2) Propylene Glycol - USP 99.9% Food Grade and Kosher Certified

3) Flavouring - USP Food Grade Natural and Organic Certified where applicable